Q: What is the PSMLS?
A: PSMLS is the current manifestation in the long line of Party-sponsored schools in the United States of America. Today, we continue the task of ideologically educating workers including those who are unemployed, oppressed people, women, and youth in the science of Marxism-Leninism and its application in various struggles. The PSMLS is officially affiliated with the American Council of Bolsheviks (ACB).

Q: What does the PSMLS do?
A: We hold bi-weekly classes, providing free Communist education to all members of the public around the world. We have hosted live participants from all 7 continents on Earth. We actively produce educational material across a wide variety of social media platforms, the links to all of which can be found via our Link Tree.

Q: Who runs PSMLS?
A: We are led by a 13-person Board of Directors that meets every month. The day-to-day operations of the School are carried out by the National Director.

Q: When does PSMLS hold classes?
A: We hold classes every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 8:00 pm ET (US time). Our Tuesday classes last 2 hours and our Thursday classes last 1.5 hours.

Q: How can I help PSMLS grow?
A: The best ways to help us grow are to consistently attend live class sessions and to like and share our content across social media and the internet. Invite your like-minded friends and family to attend classes.